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SUBMIT? maddonkey television-rides and explosive microwaves: 2002 tour-exclusive cd-r

for the love of god!!!; how the hell do you describe this work

Bi-Polar Ben and the Touchers headless breakfast

for the love of god!!!; how the hell do you describe this work

the s.m.u.r.f. 2 x cd-r

an all star band from bozeman existing only in urban legends and these recordings. 2 cd's. featuring members of: oxide, submit?, children of thalidomide; bi-polar ben; johnny steele; and the indestructible skinny sharpless. ...$10

the album CD-r

the album by the band with no name; in response to bands with names and albums with none. quite possibly years ahead of it's time. experimental noise-core with strong Japanese influences. once you hear it; you cant go back. ...$6


pop-zombie-core from bozeman, mt. this bands been around for about 8 years. their debut cd includes 25 tracks that will take you on a whirlwind of emotional bliss; and you may learn something too. ...$6


newest release from submit?. more powerful than previous recordings. male female vocals still rocking out against all the bad things. strong daniel quinn influence on this one. ...$8

bread and water///russian school of ballet SPLIT 7" 

B&w are a socially aware band from dallas. female vocals and aggressive of the best bands ever. if you haven't heard them; you're missing out...r.s.o.b. are from brasil. they produce crazy noise that forms songs and discombobulates within seconds....excellent record. ...$3.50


Six more songs of Social/Political-Peace/Crust. Dual M/F vocals. Raging out against apathy, animal testing, religious wars and more. ...$3.50

submit? S/T 7" E.P.

Six song 7" e.p. Submit?'s first release. Dual male-female vocals.
The songs focus on political, social, and personal topics, such as:
NAFTA, Capitalism, Native American rights and Prozac. ...$3.50

robeast CD-r

mixture of punk//industrial//and experimental noise. collection of the best tracks out of a two year out-of-mind recording experience. definitely worth hearing. ...$6

systemsuck c/o jarrod..po box 45681, seattle, wa 98145