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Here are some of the zines and books released under systemsuck.
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Easy and cheap ways to make alcohol at home. Uses recipes that call for common household ingredients. Get your swerve on--DIY style! ...$2


Moral revoloution I
A collection of works dealing with topics such as: vegetarianism, animal rights, class war, and more. Some poetry, too!. ...$2

Moral revoultion ii

The aftermath of months of travels. Random tid-bits of sketchbooks, notebooks, bar-napkins, and anything else we scribbled on and lost in our pockets or backpacks. Peotry, art, and other fun stuff. ...$2

Totally dedicated to Ramen Noodles. An essential guide on how to survive after you realise that you only have seven cents left over after purchasing the cheapest 40oz. bottle of malt liquor. The perfect cookbook for the un-sober.
"This is awesome!"-MRR. ...$2


city of rose

Choose-your-own-adventure style bedtime story to help fester those dreams of someday finding freedom. If you liked ANTHEM-ayn rand-you'll dig this. ...$2

drunk and falling
True and crazy stories of the wild adventures of the daily routine of overconsuming cheap beer. ...$2


grub: a bug scout's book
An Equalitarian DIY-punker version of the overtly sexist & facist American elitist's: Boy Scouts. This has many excellent and practical tips for urban survival. Also comes with 8eight8 PunkScout Merit Patches to sew onto your PunkScout Uniform. ...$4
Mommy, what's a vegetarian?

A coloring zine that explains excatly where hotdogs come from. Written by DAN and illustrated by the terribly talented tattoo artist, J Armstrong. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! ...$1

pic what to do with a crusty punk...

Rockstar's short story for punk rock toddlers with short and dusty attention spans. ...$1

pic dirt angel #1

Mostly girl-produced writing, poetry and art. ...$2

pic dirt angel #2

This is the SUBMIT? tour 2001 edition. Complete with travel stories, art, poetry and unidentifiable creations by the band and people they encountered during the trip. ...$3

systemsuck c/o jarrod..po box 45681, seattle wa, 98145